Saturday, April 14, 2018

A Perfect Storm Brewing

Today I went for an aerobic 8km run. It was nothing short of fantastic!

The weather was beautiful. That always helps. Warm. Sunny. Just a hint of a breeze. I allowed myself to come home from work, rest up, drink lots of water and get my banged up leg ready for the run. And it responded nicely with a 40 minute 8k. That's 5:00 pace, though the last 5 were at 4:52 or so. And this was all at my aerobic heart rate threshold (except the one hill where I elected to hold pace).

It has been a long road back, and there have been a couple of set backs along the way. But I truly feel I'm on the verge of taking my running to the next level.

I've done everything I can to gain my speed back after losing seven days of workouts just three weeks before the race. I've done a lot of strategizing for race day and for having the right mental game plan.

While I haven't completely eliminated doing something special next Sunday (I do tend to race faster than I do on training runs), I know my original goal of sub-40 is a long shot. Have I been bummed about that? Sure, I definitely have been.

But the mindset I find myself finalizing is exciting. It is based on gratitude from my running, inspiration from what my fellow Skeena Valley Runners have accomplished this month, and the proper game plan for the Sun Run.

I really believe I'm on the verge of a breakthrough, and that this will show in the next few months. Knee injury aside (and that's kind of big to just brush aside given the amount of maintenance I do daily on it), I have a strong emerging fitness level right now and I am fully grateful for that.

I also find myself with a newly found confidence which has me excited for training all summer. It might not truly show in the next few weeks yet, but I'm really anticipating strong showings later in the year at my races on Texada Island and in Victoria.

I think that has really helped me to find the right mindset for the Sun Run. At least, I have it right now. I still hope to have it next week. I am racing in Vancouver not to chase a certain time, but to test where I am at at this time, so that I can embrace the excitement of the coming months.

My finishing time at the Sun Run is not as important as how I race and how I feel during the race. The Sun Run will tell me where I'm at for the rest of the year. I am very eager to find out. I am eager to learn from this run.

I've always said it is the grateful runner who is the most likely runner to breakthrough. I'm hoping to keep this gratitude through next week and through the coming weeks and months.

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