Thursday, April 26, 2018

A Rare Morning Run

Got back to Terrace late Wednesday night. I had not run since the Sun Run on Sunday. I enjoyed some great hikes while in Vancouver - Crystal Falls in Port Coquitlam (easy but fun) and Murrin Lake Loop (moderate uphill).

I got back to running this morning. Yes I said morning. I rarely run before noon, because I work at 4am and like to sleep in on my days off. But today, I started out at about 7:45am, following a dog walk, folding the laundry and a quick bite of oatmeal.

I intended on running the famous bridges, but from Copper Mountain, not from downtown. So 14k rather than the usual 6. But I was hesitant, because it was very windy out where I live. And because it was promising to be a warm and spectacular day weather wise, I really wondered why was I heading out in this cold, strong wind when I could just wait and enjoy a warm spring day after running all of the cold, dark winter?

But I headed out anyway, and I'm glad I did. Yes, the wind was unrelenting on the way back. On the 11th km I could not break 6:00 pace for that entire KM! Yet the run as a whole was fun and easy. I averaged a 5:22 pace overall.

And the funny thing about running early in the morning? It sure leaves a lot of time in the day to do a lot of other things. I grocery shopped, took care of recycling, detailed a truck and prepped the deck for painting. Oh and I had lunch with the Boston hero, Brent Webb. Now to watch Pittsburgh vs Washington as round two of the Stanley Cup playoffs kick off.

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