Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Finding Runinspired in Prince Rupert

I was unable to attend the recent Prince Rupert Half + 8k as I was at a family even in Smithers. It sounds like Rupert Runners put on another terrific event, and the race was spectacular in every regard.

By midweek I have heard some very inspiring stories from runners of all abilities. But none was more Runinspired than Karin Teichroeb's.

It turns out that Karin has a blog, too. A very well written blog that you should be reading for a variety of reasons.  It's called  I absolutely loved this portion about the Rupert event:

As I was running into the finish line, my husband and daughters were standing by a lamp post, cheering me on. Their little faces (well, Adam’s is regular sized) were just SO amazing to see. But that’s not the best part! As I ran past, Alice yells: “Can we run with you?” There weren’t any other runners right behind me at that point, so I said YES! And there, 21km into my race, I was joined by the cutest two runners I ever did see. They ran the last 100m, crossing the finish line behind me. I was SO happy! To be done and to take off my shoes, yes, but to see that I inspire THEM. Because isn’t that the ultimate goal.

Another fantastic example of Runinspired.

I'm still discovering lots of other gems at I hope you do too!

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