Saturday, April 7, 2018

Injury Update: A Pain In The Ass

So I began this blog announcing I was injured. Not the start I wanted but hey, what can you do.

I'm happy to say my knee/hamstring issue is a whole lot better. I lost a full week, although it was a pretty critical week. My return to the Sun Run is exactly two weeks away now. Needless to say that will cost me my time goals.

On Saturday I tried getting back into it by ramping up my speed with 12x400m with 200m recovery at 5k race pace. I tried to hold a 3:45/km pace and did for the first 7 laps. I even got a little carried away on lap 2 with a 3:27/km pace.

Then a real pain in the ass flared up. Literally.

Laps 8, 9 and 10 were barely under 4:00/km pace. At first I thought it was because I was off for a week, this should be expected. But no, I soon realized I slowed down because my gait was off. I cut the workout short at 10 reps and trotted back to my car 3km away. I even walked the last 500m.

My old piriformis syndrome reappeared.

The pifiromis muscle is deep in the buttock, and real close to the sciatic nerve. It mimics sciatic pain so closely that it is often misdiagnosed. For some reason my right piriformis tightened up really good on this day, leaving me hobbling the rest of the night.

The good news -
- The knee/hamstring seems really strong. It is a little tender at times but no biggie.
- The lungs were never really overtaxed
- I used the opportunity to practice mindful running and saw real progress
- I was smart enough to end the workout early
- Piriformis isn't new to me

The bad news -
- Piriformis is a real pain in the ass, and if I don't get it loosened, my gait won't let me do too much at the Sun Run, let alone of the 3 key speed workouts I have planned before then.

The best way to deal with Piriformis is massage. I do have an appointment 4 days before the race, but not with my usual therapist. He's spectacular at working out the piriformis, even if it makes me cry. I'm unsure how well it will get treated with my massage appointment as I have never been to this new therapist before. I just couldn't get into my regular guy on time.

I will try a few stretches, foam rolling and, in a practice that my dogs find amusing, rolling my ass on top of a street hockey ball. Hopefully I'm back at it on Monday!

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