Thursday, April 19, 2018

Never say "Just"

"Just a 10k?"

That's how a non-runner replied to me today when I said I was off to Vancouver to race in the Sun Run.

Never, ever.....EVER say "Just a 10k?"

Yeah. It's 10k. No it's not the 42.2k of the marathon. It's not an ultra. It's not the Barkley.

It's 10k. And me and my 40,000+ friends at the Sun Run have worked hard to achieve goals that are in no way lesser than that of any marathoner or extreme distance runner.

Someone told me that in Rupert once. I think it was at the cannery, where they have the 5, 10 and the half. "Just the 10k?" the organizer said as I collected my bib. I really should have thanked her afterwards. While I don't recall exactly which year this was, I do know I used that as motivation to have the best 10k of my life to that point.

And now I'm fired up for the Sun Run come Sunday.

That being said, I'm not gunning for a personal record on this race. My banged up leg likely won't allow for that. This race is about gaining more race experience and more pacing experience. It's about learning about when to push and when to hold. It's about how I get to the finish line, not the time on the clock when I get there. And it is a chance for me to practice mindfulness, gratitude and mind games to see how much I've learned over the past number of months when I barely raced at all.

I hope my next blog post has some good news about my running of "just a 10k."

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