Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Rainy Day in Boston

I have recently been inspired by the performances of three Terrace runners at the 2018 Boston Marathon.

As you probably know, the weather was beyond ridiculous, with unforgiving rain and overpowering winds. That made for the most challenging of environments.

Brent Webb finished in 3:26, an amazing time given the elements. And the love-in on both his Facebook page and the Skeena Valley Runners page was truly something to see. Clearly Brent is Terrace's running ambassador as he has inspired so many. The question I'm excited to ask him is, what's next?

I was equally impressed with the Boston finishes of Murray Warner and Sherrie Hamer, both also from Terrace. Injuries derailed the training of these 17 time marathoners (each). But this was their first Boston. There was no stopping them even if they had to walk long stretches. Four hours and 45 minutes is not indicative of what they are capable of, but the effort shown to achieve their bucket list goal is perhaps the most inspiring story out of Boston for me.

Great job Brent, Murray and Sherrie. You are so very inspirational to all of Skeena Valley Runners.

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