Friday, April 13, 2018

Sun Run Update

In a little over a week I will join 50,000 other people in the streets of Vancouver, running the 10km Sun Run.

Yet I will race all alone.

For all the people, for all the energy - it is just me vs myself.

Charmaine will not be travelling with me to this finish line. And my nephews, who live in Vancouver, won't be there either. There is just too many people for five year old twins.

So I go at it all by myself, in this sea of humanity. I've only done this race once before and despite the crowds it is my loneliest race.

I had signed up with hopes of a sub-40 minute race. A knee/hamstring injury cost me seven days off about about two weeks ago. That may have derailed any hopes of my original race goal, though I'm not sure I would have been in the hunt even if I had not lost those seven key days.

Today I attempted a workout that would be very telling of my results 9 days from now. 3km warm up followed by 3km at half marathon pace. After a 4 minute recovery, 2km at 10km pace. After another 4 minute recovery, 2 more km at 10km pace.

I think I was over-aggressive on my selected paces. I chose a half marathon pace of 4:10/km and a 10km pace of 3:55. These are paces I would love to have right now, but I do not. More realistically I should be doing a 4:20/4:25 half pace and 4:10 10km pace, I suppose.

I say that based on the results. The first speedy km was only 4:14, but even with 3km warmup I don't think I was quite ready after taking a full day off yesterday. I got down to 4:08 and 4:00 on the following reps - good but too aggressive.

The 4kms at 10k pace never once hit my desired 3:55. I hit 3:59, 3:57, and then after the break 4:05 and 4:04.

While I do tend to run faster in races than in training, I think today is telling me to pick a new goal other than sub 40:00. Maybe sub 42 is more realistic. It's a good time although I'm disappointed about that.

The other thing I keep telling myself is maybe I could have hit the targets if I had a training partner today. But running alone is good, because I will be running all alone with 50,000 other people next week in Vancouver.

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