Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The True Meaning of Runinspired

Enthusiasm equals success. 
Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm - 
Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have gotten a lot of positive feed back from people reading this blog.

This note I found particularly rewarding:

Just dropping in to say I absolutely LOVE your posts and all the sharing you do on the SVR site. In the last couple weeks I have changed my running outlook. It’s the simplest reads that have had the biggest impacts on me. I’ve ditched the music and am present in all my runs now. Listening, counting, and just being present. I’m no longer wondering when my run is going to be done, how am I going to FB this run status, how I’m going to possibly push myself to put on a few extra km’s, or any other distraction. I’m just RUNNING and loving it. 

Our friend has discovered the secret of running. She will learn just how much further this approach will take her on her running journey. Now if she can apply the same principles to other aspects her life, she will have truly discovered the meaning of RunInspired.

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