Sunday, May 20, 2018

Advice From The Coach

Some of the top runners at Skeena Valley Runners have hired coaches from out of town to structure their training and help them achieve their goals. And their results are impressive.

Not all of us can afford a coach (though do talk to Adrienne, she found a pretty affordable option), so I searched elsewhere. I studied the words of the greatest coach I know.

Mike Babcock is a Stanley Cup and Olympic gold medal championship coach, and is long considered to be the top coach in all of hockey.

Admittedly, he probably knows not very much specifically about running. But in another incarnation I work in hockey, and often look for parallels to draw inspiration from. In his book Leave No Doubt, I find plenty to choose from.

Like this wonderful passage, where if you didn't know any better you'd swear he was talking about running, or life, not hockey.

Success is a step by step thing. Having a process helps you make things happen.

I believe in a process, an approach, a way of living that's built around getting progressively better. I believe in day-to-day. I believe in the power of digging in and grinding it out. I believe in taking care of the details. That's what the real pros do.

Make process your partner. Every day is a chance to get better. That's where the excitement, joy and fun are.

You have to enjoy the grind, or you'll burn yourself out before you reach your goal. And you have to embrace and celebrate each day for the progress you make.

Success is a marathon. And endurance needs joy.

I love that last line. You can achieve your goal with passion and hard work, but you need joy and gratitude.  Doesn't matter if it's on the ice, at the start line of a race, or in pretty much any other aspect of your life.

The book has a lot of gems to uncover, but, if I may so, suffers from a lack of production at the publisher level. So it is a very unpolished final product that leaves a lot to be desired. But in the words of the coach you will find many fantastic pieces of wisdom for success in life as much as hockey.

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