Wednesday, September 26, 2018


The GoodLife Fitness Marathon in Victoria is less than 2 weeks away. I will be returning to this race for the first time since 2016 and I will again be running the half marathon.

The race is 5 weeks after my Texada Island half marathon win, so I put in three weeks of quality workouts and now am on taper. It seems highly unlikely that I could improve much in three weeks, but I focused on distance.

In the two months before Texada Island I only had two training runs that exceeded the race distance of 21.1km - both 24km runs. I noted that I was slowing down for the final couple of km on Texada. Perhaps this was because I was so far ahead of everyone that I just did not have that push. Or perhaps it was because I did not do enough long runs.

Betting on the latter, I put in six training runs longer than race distance in the three weeks after Texada, with the longest run being just shy of 27km. I hope that allows me to run a little longer in Victoria.

It's funny how Texada consumed me all summer, yet this Victoria race now seems like just another day. Maybe whatever pressure I put on myself is off after such a successful race in Texada. Maybe subconsciously I'm telling myself just enjoy Victoria, you had your great race this year already. Or perhaps its because Victoria is such a familiar course, race and city to me. So much of the unknown associated with most races is actually known to me.

I enter the taper with a slight concern. I seem to have a bit of a grump ligament in the hamstring area on the left leg. I had this when I tapered for Texada, too. I will manage it as best I can and get through my race, hopefully with a new PR. But then I think it's time to shut things down for a little bit, and let the body recover from a very successful season of running.

That season included 9th place finish (out of 1600) in Oak Bay, a memorable debut run in the Prince Rupert to Terrace relay, and the Texada Island win, as well as serving as race director for Skeena Valley Runners first two events. My season was not full of many races, but many learning opportunities in training. They say the journey is the reward, and I have found that to be true this year in my running.

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