Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Starting Lines

2019 started of with a fantastic Resolution Run for Skeena Valley Runners. A hearty crowd with many new faces gathered to run together and share some laughs and stories. Everyone has big running goals, and to find some friends to help us achieve them is what Skeena Valley Runners is all about.

New Year's is about new beginnings. It is about the many possibilities that may lay ahead. It is kind of like being at the starting line.

There are plenty of nervous moments, but also plenty of excitement. There is lots of energy and focus. It is a bit frightening each time, but it is at the starting line where you are truly you. Regardless of what happens, the journey is the reward.

The starting line you are probably thinking about right now is the starting line of that big race you will be preparing for. But no, I'm talking about all new beginnings. A new job. A new class. A new relationship.

So as 2019 gets under way, do not be afraid of starting lines. Just keep one foot in front of the other and you will be surprised where it leads you. Focus. Prepare. Challenge yourself. The key is to get to be brave enough to get to the starting line.. You may not realize it, but running has prepared you for far more in this life than just those races you train for.

Too many people do not commit to the starting line. But only those who do get to experience the often life changing rewards of the finish line.

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