Friday, February 22, 2019

17km In A Snowstorm

Today We Inspire!

That's the battle cry to snowstorm runs. Brent and I enjoy heading out, in our bright orange jackets, in a whiteout of a blizzard. We enjoy seeing shocked drivers thinking we're crazy. Hey, we're not disputing it.

Okay, so the soaked feet and less than speedy workout and the cold hands and fogged up glasses are all drawbacks, but it's worth it. Even that mullet of ice I had one time! We are out showing everyone it's okay to enjoy a storm, and go outside and do crazy things.

And it works.

One of my favorite stories is that of meeting a new runner at group trail run at Ferry Island a couple summers back. I always ask a new runner I meet what drew them to running. And this lady's answer was, and I'm paraphrasing a bit here, "I saw you out running in a snowstorm last winter, and I said to myself I want to be that guy."

Now that's truly #runinspired!

I think of that story every time we get a snowstorm. And living in northern Canada means we usually get a few of them every winter, this year being a nice exception. And when I think it's cold and wet and I really don't to go out in the mess, I think of that runner at Ferry Island. I run pretty much every snowstorm now, for her, for others like her.

Because you never know who you might be inspiring to get out and be awesome next.

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