Sunday, February 24, 2019

Expanding #RunInspired

#RunInspired is my own little movement to inspire myself, my closest family and friends, and just about anybody who wants to pay attention, to be our best selves.

That means finding out about ourselves through movement. Running. Walking. Bicycling isn't my thing, but great if it's yours. Getting outside, reconnecting with nature, moving under your own power. And then discovering all the benefits from that - physical and physiological obviously, but mentally, too. And it expands beyond physical exercise to touch our very core, transforming us to our very best in every aspect of life. It is something I'm very passionate about.

At Adrienne's encouragement, I've decided to apply to become an Asics KaizenCollective ambassador.

What is that, you say? Well Asics, of course, is the famous shoe and apparel company that counts the likes of Penny Oleksiak and Charles Philibert-Thiboutot. KaizenCollective is their version of #RunInspired.  In their own words:
"No one ever stood still and achieved something great. We urge you, encourage you, push you to move. Because, the way you move shows the world who you are. Whatever your moves may sound like, look like, or be—they’re meant to be seen. (Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.) So, own who you are. Your authentic, real self is the most powerful and positive statement you can make on the world."
They're looking to add 700 ambassadors in 30 countries to help them to encourage others to get out and moving. I've applied, hoping to join the team and surround myself with many others and a corporate juggernaut to give me and Skeena Valley Runners more resources to spread the message.

Why not me?

That right there is #RunInspired or KaizenCollective in action. Running has taken me from a point in my life where I would have laughed off and dismissed any notion that a shoe company would want anything to do with me. Now I'm at the point where I believe they should. Running - movement, exercise, nature - has transformed me fundamentally far more importantly than running a 10k faster than I could before.

That is cool. And I want everyone to experience it.

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