Friday, February 22, 2019

The St. Patrick's Day 5k And The Growth of Skeena Valley Runners

Last year the new Skeena Valley Runners came together to host our first ever race - the 2018 St. Patrick's Day 5k!

It was a smashing success, with an overwhelming 170 runners coming out despite the snowbanks that stood taller than most runners. We had a fantastic event, and most importantly raised over $1400 for the high school running team.

This year we're back, hoping for similar numbers all around. We have a grand prize of a $1000 fishing excursion. We're giving away massages and restaurant gift certificates and ski passes. We got the costume party back. We got the fast 5k course in northern BC. And, most importantly, we got Green Beers!

The thing I'm most proud about it how things have grown. Our return rate of participants is strong, despite it being spring break. Our sponsors are absolutely fantastic and generous (and thanked below). We have great community partners, and vibrant social media presence. And we're hearing from more local runners than ever!

Skeena Valley Runners is about the community - running and otherwise - but I'm most pleased about how the organizing side of things has grown in one year. Last year, Adrienne, Brent and I had absolutely no idea what we were doing (okay, so maybe Brent and I didn't, Adrienne is a god-send!) and look what we pulled off!

Now we had lots of help, most notably from Megan, coach of the high school team, and the parents she wrangled up as volunteers. And of course Sheldon, who we miss dearly and hope he's back on the running scene soon. There were many other volunteers - I can't name off all them but I better make note of our spouses and children! Our commitment became their commitment.

This year we've seen the executive grow to include Braeden, Tanya and Roxane. We got Travis, king of all things time keeping in our area, as part of the team now. We now better represent more aspects of the community, not just the competitive side.

Skeena Valley Runners, the organization, has grown substantially. And I hope that means for a better Skeena Valley Runners, the community partner, as we throw the 2nd annual St. Patrick's Day 5k party, I mean race, this March. We still really don't have any idea what we're doing (except for Adrienne), and we're going to throw an even bigger party of the spring this year!

So be sure to register here or in person at All Seasons Source for Sports

Thank you to our financial sponsors:

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